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DVR - Commercial PRO systems:
All system are internet ready and accessible from anywhere in the world (Internet service must be present at site). Quote DOES NOT include additional cabling costs. Quote DOES include connectors and connection to camera, mounting of cameras. Quote also includes DVR connection and configuration to internet. On-site training included.

Cabling and extra labor cost are billed out at a rate of $80/hr. All materials used are billed on an as needed basis at wholesale costs for your convenience.

(Call for Pricing)
Custom Internet DVR Camera Surveillance System Specifications
4 - Low light color bullet-style cameras with mount
($140.00 ea.)

JPEG 2000 compression for smooth internet streaming
250 GB hard drive for extended surveillance storage
Motion detection
Remote monitoring
16 - channels for future camera expansion
Instant playback, schedule/sensor recording
2x digital zoom

UPS battery backup unit and surge strip (1770 joules) included
17" high-resolution color monitor (BNC) included

DVR Systems - Standalone, rack mountable or shelf system
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Computer Forensics
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