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Brightside Enterprises of Florida, Inc. is a Tampa-based IT firm providing over 18 years of network, computer, communication, software, training and consulting support. Our professionals are able to assist you with any stage of planning to provide low-cost, robust network and computer information systems which will compliment or replace your current business infrastructure. Our specialists will introduce you to the latest Intranet and Internet applications to provide the most cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Collectively, we have over 96 years of computer and network systems experience using Novell, Unix, and Microsoft network systems, on a variety of computer platforms. We offer experience in both commercial off-the-shelf systems and custom design software including finance, accounting, information database, acquisition, manufacturing, production, and CAD/CAM interfaces. Additionally, our specialists are certified as expert witnesses in Federal and Civil court cases to support your legal needs on computer issues.

Our network information systems feature full server-based LANs, with excellent expansion potential for future growth at competitive prices. Proposed systems consist of Microsoft NT, Novell, or Unix-based servers with integrated features including: tape backup, automatic power surge/loss protection, integrated security, shared data storage, shared printer/fax functions, Email solutions, and Internet connectivity via Broadband over fast, efficient connection technologies. Additional solutions include: wireless connections, security video monitoring, office monitoring over the Web, Firewall protection, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). We can also assist you in acquiring your own Internet domain name, Web site and Email system.

Whether you’re expanding, relocating, or launching a new business, Brightside Enterprises can provide the expert assistance for network, computer, communication, wiring and planning, to keep you ahead of your competition. Our signature corporate relocations feature a certified, 100% functional guarantee on electronics, providing minimum downtime or loss.

Brightside Enterprises is dedicated to offering solutions that provide a solid base with which your company can grow and expand. Our commitment to our clients’ success is paramount and is evident in the quality and performance of our network systems. Brightside Enterprises will stand ready to assist you with any Network, Computer, Training, and Consulting needs that your office may experience, now or in the future.

For further consultation, call us at (813) 223-7446, or send your Email to Info@Bright-Side.net.

Thank you for your consideration in our company.

Best Regards,

Chester Kwitowski, President
Brightside Enterprises of Florida, Inc.
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